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What is the difference between a drainlayer and a plumber?
Basically a drainlayer repairs or installs all pipework that is external (outside)your home (and section)and a plumber repairs or installs all pipework that is inside your home, please contact us if you require further clarification.

How do I know that I'm employing the services of a qualified (certified) drainlayer?
  1. Ask to see the tradesperson authorisation card and check the expiry date to see that it is current.
  2. Check the icons on the front of the tradesperson authorisation card to ensure the type of work to be carried out is permitted by that licence.
  3. If the work is being undertaken by anyone other than a certifying tradesperson, check the back of the card for the name of the registered certifying tradesperson who is responsible for certifying/verifying that the work is compliant and safe to be used.
  4. Please contact Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers Baors (PGDB) for further clarification.

If my drain becomes blocked, do I need a drainlayer to unblock it?
A blockage in a drain will usually require the services of a tradesperson who can clear the blockage. Clearing a blocked drain is not regarded as drainlaying, however, anytime a drain is opened up, altered, reconstructed, extended or repaired then that work can only be legally undertaken by a certifying drainlayer.

What is the difference between grey water and black water?
Grey water comes from laundry and bathroom sinks, baths and showers. Black water comes from toilet and kitchen sinks.